CPA Marketing The New Affiliate Make Money Online Trend

If you are working with affiliate marketing, and no matter how success full you are. You have to take a look at CPA Network Marketing. CPA stands for Cost per Acquisition. And it is one of the most success full marketing trends in our economic crisis world today. What is CPA marketing? CPA marketing is different from regular affiliate marketing in many ways. The most important is that you promote CPA offers instead products.

A CPA offer is a unique product a certain company want you to promote by giving the costumer a free trial, sign up to a site, or just an email address for targeting demographic. If the costumer accepts you get a commission, with out no money has been paid for a product. It is much easier to promote something that does not cost the costumer anything compared to if you were promoting golf bags or diet pills, or especially something people don’t want to spend money on. CPA can be a way to make fast money online if you are doing it the right way.

What do I sell? CPA products can be everything from health products like colon cleanse, Acai and Resveratrol, to screensavers, dating sites, and products review sites. The list is long and there is something for everyone. CPA Offers all have on thing in common, products that have a high search volume on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

CPA marketing is a preferred marketing channel for many companies today because of the economic tuff times. It is much easier to sell products and offers when you give something out for free to start with. This makes your job as an affiliate marketer much easier as well. In these times I would say the CPA Marketing is the perfect method, to start your own make money online business with. How much can I make? The pay outs can be everything from 1 us to 50 us for one lead, yes even higher in some cases, some of the best converting products on a PPC, Pay Per Click campaign can be 20% or even more. I’ve seen campaigns up to 50% conversion rate. Imagine how much money you could make doing CPA marketing.

Where do I find the offers? To promote CPA offers you have to become a member of a CPA network, they are administrating the products for the advertiser, and make sure you are getting paid. There are quite few CPA networks out there, unfortunately the better they are the more difficult are they to become member of due to the high amount of money there is to be made. Some CPA networks charge money to become a member of, which I do not recommend. Why should you pay when they are going to make money with you anyway? How do I get in?

The application process can be quite difficult and hard sometimes because they do no accept everybody, so many of the CPA networks uses a special cross check system, so they can be absolutely sure you are the right candidate for a membership. When you apply there are certain things you need to be aware of, and have prepared in your application so you can qualify for a membership. When you are first accepted and became a member everything is much easier. Many of the networks have affiliate strategists employed that knows exactly where the market goes, and they will help you setting up your campaigns.

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