Simple self-care tips that will help you live longer if you try.

Many of you have goals in life that you want to be old people. Along with being healthy and strong Maintaining good health and longevity is not easy. However, it’s not impossible. Most of the time their friends and brethren were standing. They are physically healthy. mental health without stress

Elderly people in other regions are at less risk of developing dementia. found in various places around the world It is often found in the Terranian coast, such as the island of Icanria in Greece, Sardinia of Italy. and still found in Okinawa of Japan, Costa Rica on Cape Nicoya and Linda Dolphin. In California, America, where human longevity techniques as they coexist in a supportive manner each other Exercise your body with walking or hiking activities. including eating foods that are available in season

chronic disease

Nuts are a staple food consumed by Blue Zone residents and Americans amid the COVID-19 outbreak. for good reason that Nuts are rich in nutrients. not difficult to eat Maybe put inside the food Or eat as a snack with fiber to help reduce cholesterol. Beans are not expensive and are easy to store. Therefore, having beans in the food cabinet It will help us not have to go out to buy food on a regular basis.

immune system

Many people do not realize that the “guts” have more health benefits than being an organ in the digestive tract. Because the gut is related to the immune system of health. The gut works with the millions of beneficial microorganisms inside our bodies.

These microorganisms can protect us from germs as well as reduce our risk of developing certain diseases. People in Blue Zones eat 90-100 percent of their plates with vegetables. The foods that Blue Zone people like to consume to boost their immune system are vegetables, fruits, nuts and cereals. These foods are considered first-class food for the good bacteria in our bodies.

pay attention to the drink

Alcoholic beverages are becoming increasingly popular. This is especially true for people who feel anxious, lethargic, or other psychological symptoms in the Blue Zones as well. however, these people choose to consume a reasonable amount of red wine with their meals. (However, if you’re a normal non-drinker, you don’t have to.) But people in the Blue Zones still prefer not to drink water, tea, and สุขภาพดี coffee most of the time. and limiting the intake of soft drinks

interaction with others

In addition to health practices such as paying attention to food and exercise. Most of the older people are surrounded by warm families. Surrounded by friends of a single age. or living in a community conducive to good mental health And there are activities that help health. This may be an incentive to stand up and treat others to be healthy.

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